GBF-SentryLink Smart Intercom Solution for Multi-unit Apartment Intercom Systems

GBF SentryLink Full IP Smart Video Intercom Introduction


GBF SentryLink full IP smart video doorbell system is the solution for a smart access control system for 2-1000 units apartment building.

  1. Easy - tenant to access building  via smart phones, access codes, keyfobs, or keycards .
  2. Security -  2-way live video and audio monitoring can be initiated from mobile devices at anytime from anywhere.
  3. Convenient -  Provide Guests or Delivery Personnel with Virtual key codes for entry from your smart phone.
  4. No wiring for the entire building. Easy installation.

GBF SentryLink Smart Intercom- How it works.

 GBF's new SentryLink Outdoor Station represents outstanding value and functionality for owners and residents of multi-unit dwellings and businesses. This overview illustrates many of the functions available in GBF's affordable and easy to install SentryLink Outdoor Station.